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Boerbacher is a composer at the Salzburg State Theater

Boerbacher is a composer at the Salzburg State Theater

Burbach. Composer Georg Weisinger from Bauerbach composed the music for the play “Amadeus”. It will premiere on January 28 at Landestheater Salzburg.

George Weisinger began playing the violin at the age of seven and enjoyed improvising from the beginning. At the age of ten he learned how to write music and began composing. The composer explains his joy about this: “Music is a soft, moving material – something new is always added. Composing is relaxing. You also have to be precise and create order.” I always like to make a plan for different instruments or even for an entire orchestra. “After studying in Linz and Manchester, the Burbach native devoted himself to teaching, and later to cultural management, and since 2023 he heads the C. Bechstein Center in Linz. .

His writings

Wiesinger's works are characterized by symphonic, and mostly cinematic, musical language. The composer's scores and arrangements have been performed by the Bruckner Linz Orchestra and the St. Florian Boys' Choir among others. His favorite work is his arrangement of Queen's song “Don't Stop Me Now.” “Countertenor Alois Mühlbacher complained about the lack of modern countertenor literature. I sat down and created a parody of a Freddie Mercury song in the style of Mozart. We recorded the number on the spot the next day. The project had 80 thousand views on YouTube. I still enjoy listening to it.” He is a little different when choosing his role models: “I appreciate the music of Gustav Mahler, for example, but I also appreciate the music of Arvo Pärt. “I also like to read pieces by Mozart, Bach and John Williams,” says the composer.

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“Amadeus” at the Salzburg State Theater

Weisinger came to the play “Amadeus” by chance. The Salzburg State Theater was urgently looking for an organizer. Peuerbacher worked with the Salzburg Bach Choir in the summer and then “basically stumbled into the State Theater”. At that point it was not yet known how broad the scope of the incidental music commission for this piece would be. “I took Mozart’s works and reorganized or isolated them,” the composer explains. Sound engineer Arno Leroy and I remixed Mozart, added our own music, distorted and extended Mozart's music. Theater music is always functional music – i.e., you have to be able to talk about it. We designed the decks in the style of Mozart or the way Mozart would write them today.” When asked what Mozart himself would say about his adaptation, Weisinger laughed: “I hope there won't be too many swear words… No, I hope, of course, he'll want to. When creating the music, we paid great attention not to distort Mozart's music, make it ridiculous or exaggerated. “Pure Mozart – but modern.”

He advises the director and actors during rehearsals for the film “Amadeus”: “The rehearsal work is really exciting. There are small musical changes and adjustments in every rehearsal. The Landestheater choir also participates in rehearsals. It is a huge production. The part of my music takes more than an hour – there is a lot of You have to practice it.” He is also currently working on the final piece for brass music in the cathedral and on arrangements by DJ Pete Sabo.

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