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Sunday Song: Sudan Archives – “The Selfish Spirit”

Offer for different styles, for different women, and for different hair. “Selfish” is the name of Britney Parks’ new track aka The Sudan Archives.

to Christopher Sipin

“I feel like there’s an American standard for what beautiful poetry is,” Britney Parks, aka The Sudan Archives, says of her new song Selfish Soul. “And I wanted to show that this isn’t all about beauty.” Showcasing different styles, for different women, for different hair, that’s the “selfish soul”.

Sudan Archives from Cincinnati, Ohio found inspiration in the music of R’n’B India singer Arie, specifically in her song. “I’m not my hair” From 2005. “She’s talking about extensions, and about natural hair,” says Britney Parks of India Ari Racecourse. “It should not correspond to the comparisons that come with having natural or African-American weaves or hair.” People of color already face everyday racism when it comes to their hair. “Don’t touch my hair, when the feelings I’m wearing,” Solange sang in her song in 2016 “Don’t touch my hair”.

And the sound of the song? Summer hit. The bass scratches and makes a sound for the introduction, from the voice of the Sudan Echo Archive: “If I cut my hair, I wish I could make it long, long back, as before.” What if she straightened her hair? So maybe people like me more? Like the people on magazine covers who set the rules and standards? “If I wore it straight, would they like me more? Like these girls on the front covers.”

Britney Parks is also a violinist, of course the instrument can also be heard. There is a lot going on in this path, yet it feels almost minimalistic. A song you can listen to while you’re chilling, a song that’s also easy to pull off in a club of loud speakers in front of you dancing and sweating. “Its about time I embrace myself and my soul, time I feed my selfish soul,” sings Sudan Archives.

The “selfish soul”, poetry as an extension of the soul. Sudan Archives ask again in the direction of ordinary society “Am I good enough?” Long or short hair, curly or smooth or whatever, what are the definitions, what types should you match with and when and how are you accepted? “You will grow again for a long time, you must prove that they are all wrong.”

Poetry as a Metaphor: In fact, it’s all about having a good time without cutting, shaping, and messing up. “I don’t want any struggles, I don’t want any fears” is the simple request of the Sudan Archive. “Does it make sense to you?” The violin is played in the epilogue, in the music video people dance in the sun and summer smells of freedom. About time I embrace my soul and soul.