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Bolzano Train Station will be completely renovated

Bolzano Train Station will be completely renovated


The station area in Bolzano is being renovated. The railway company RFI, affiliated to the Italian Railways (FS) network, is responsible for the new construction of the station. The state of South Tyrol and the city of Bolzano want to see the development of free space.

Originally, entire regions of the region were to be allocated to a single investor as part of a Europe-wide tender. He was committed to completely renovating the railway infrastructure at his own expense and carrying out all planned public utilities based on the master plan drawn up ten years earlier. The investor can then recover the public sector investment through the building rights allowed in the remaining area.


The entire station area will be redesigned

The station must remain in the hands of the public

“In light of the complexity of the realization of the new railway infrastructure, which lays the groundwork for a re-evaluation of the region, the parties concerned, the state of South Tyrol, the municipality of Posen and RFI, have come to the conclusion that it would be better if this work was carried out between all the parties concerned, coordinated and carried out by RFI the same,” the state of South Tyrol said in a broadcast. The state should take possession of the areas that will become free with the new construction of the station and then carry out further development step by step.

Railway infrastructure and networks

In the first step, the railway infrastructure will be processed, which includes not only the station itself, but also the entire track system and workshops. Particular focus is on train, bus and bicycle transportation networks as well as convenient connectivity options for tourist arrivals. Then, “urban planning measures that provide public facilities, commerce and commerce as well as social and private housing will be implemented step by step.”

The goal is a modern mobility center

The country stated that in the fall, the working group should develop technical, economic and contractual documents in order to implement the newly agreed measure. “Now there is agreement and clarity that the railway companies will build the new station themselves in the form of a modern mobility hub and that this will significantly speed up and simplify the timely implementation as well as the acquisition of free space by the state of South Tyrol. And its urban renewal, “explained Governor Arnaud Kombacher. (SVP). One is “grateful that RFI shares this vision and that we were able to agree on the joint implementation of this project,” said the Country Director with satisfaction.

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