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Bon Jour: It's not just a supergroup

Bon Jour: It's not just a supergroup

“And so we met again” – Austrian giant band Bon Jour performed at the Posthof in Linz last Saturday. Also in her luggage: her debut album, “Chapter One: Growth.” A lovely evening for all indie fans.

You have to be careful with the term “supergroup” because it is used in an inflationary way. And this often doesn't do justice to what the band actually represents – specifically, not just “Hey, guy from such-and-such band”, but still the composition of many individuals making music together. This is also evident during Bon Jour, who presented their album “Chapter 1: Growth” at the Posthof on Saturday evening, after being guests on the main stage at the LIDO SOUNDS festival last year.

But first, support. Luca Malina supported Bon Jour during their Austria dates in Vienna, Salzburg and Linz. The artist, with her distinctive voice, also brought her music closer to those present in the small Posthof hall. Sympathetic on stage, vocals burn into your ear canals, and you can also hear the new song “If You Still Want (I Still Want Too).” Danceable and thoughtful, with numbers “Don't Do” and “Think” that will be remembered the next day. A short warm-up program of the best kind!

Good morning: There are experts working here

Interested Austrian music fans already know the heroes of Bon Jour. Mynth, The Makemakes, Good Wilson, Siamese Elephants, plus Amelie Tobien, who is also highly recommended solo – the list is long and well known, at least in the local areas. “And So We Met Again” is not only the title of the first EP released last year and before the album, but it also resembles the story behind Bon Jour. The band members have known each other for a long time, and occasionally return to classrooms at the school. Now that we're back together again, Bon Jour looks like it's going to be a lot of fun as a band project. “Blue Moon”, “The Lost Art Of Trying”, the EP’s lead single, “And So We Met Again” – there are experts at work here who know how to write songs. The album continues what is evident in tracks like “Cloudy Woods.” The campfire cover of “Ain't No Mountain High Enough” also arrived for the group. The audience? Dance, enjoy the concert and acknowledge it with applause. At least there would have been more people in Linz that evening. Yes, we know we love the “south” here in Austria. But without the demand for concerts, there are fewer concerts. So: get ready and go to live concerts. As part of a business like Bon Jour, you're at least doing a lot of things right in the evening!

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