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ESC: Good reviews and flashy outfits for Teya & Salena

ESC: Good reviews and flashy outfits for Teya & Salena

Bookmakers see the duo as winners of the second semi-final on May 11. According to the current odds, Tia and Salina ended up in the 7th place in the final.

Preparations for this event are underway. After the duo created a good mood with their contributions to various past events in the past few weeks, the stage outfit is now set, too. For their semifinal performance on May 11, the singers will wear red, white, and black, and their streetwear style is said to reflect their “individual style trends,” according to the broadcast.

black white red

The two will wear wide-legged vinyl jackets and pants, black for Teya and white for Salina. Red shirts and gloves complete this. The two oils were designed in collaboration between designer Johann Ehrhardt of Haderlump Atelier Berlin and Berlin designer Maximilian D’Antonio. “The clothes reflect our personalities and still go together,” Tia says. “We feel incredibly comfortable and are so excited to see how we’re going to organize the clothes.”

37 countries will compete in the 67th session of the Economic and Social Council from May 9-14, with the five largest contributors to the European Broadcasting Union (England, Germany, Italy, France and Spain) and last year’s winner Ukraine advancing to the final. All shows will be broadcast live on ORF 1 from 9 p.m.


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