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Booked: oneworld Run |  Double open jaw flight to USA

Booked: oneworld Run | Double open jaw flight to USA

British Airways LHR-JFK, Photo: Robert

I enjoyed the gold card with British Airways and booked a new trip with Oneworld Airlines. European members British, Iberia and Finnair are launching repeat offers alongside American Airlines. I just found out about the Open Jaws flight offer after booking a cheap flight from Sofia last time (thanks: Travel contract) flights should start in Ireland and end in Spain.I found it interesting and thought of going to Dublin and southern Spain in addition to the US trip.

I have enjoyed Emerald status with the Oneworld Alliance for over a year and have enjoyed the benefits on many trips so far. First of all, I loved the restrooms; You can also use first class areas with a few exceptions. I have had good experiences with Qantas, British, American, Qatar & Co so I would like to try to retain the benefits.

Position-optimized booking

For Emerald you need 1,500 tier points and 4 flights with BA, which must be collected within 12 months. The period is individual – it is not based on the calendar year, the decisive factor is the date of commencement of membership in the club. I always have to requalify from August, so I'm planning a trip for fall 2024. After that my current validity will expire, but you can't have everything…

My new booking destination is the western US, other than LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland or Seattle, many smaller airports are possible. Searches on Google Flights sometimes start at around €1,100 for business or domestic first class. As I collect miles (Avios) and status points on the British Airways Executive Club, I tried to include as many long-haul routes as possible with an emphasis on optimal routing. British credits 140 tier points for routes of 2,000 miles or more (most) so you can collect a good portion of the required tier points relatively quickly.

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Interrupting a West Coast flight at a hub on the East Coast is interesting because routes from New York, Philadelphia or Boston to Phoenix, LA or San Francisco create 140 additional stopover points. A “switch” via Helsinki is useful as some flights go via London, creating 80 additional tier points. There are a few destinations in Europe that break the 140 TP barrier from Helsinki, including Finnair flights to Lisbon and Malaga. I kept this in mind as my trip was about to end in Spain.


As many of you know – if you make a very complicated reservation and change the parameters a little, the prices will go up by a terrible amount. Therefore, it is important to consistently find cheap fares at the right places on the right days. I was open to several places in California, Nevada or Arizona, and decided to take a break in New York. From there you need to go west via Phoenix to your destination airport, as a flight from JFK or EWR to PHX again generates 140 TP, but a change at Dallas (DFW), for example, only nets you 40 TP.

Once there, we first drive through the countryside in a rental car so our return flight can be at a different departure airport. American Airlines (or Google Flights or the Team) I was even able to find a flight from there to Helsinki via New York and bring 140 tb back twice. Málaga was the favorite as the trip ended in Spain. This flight is considered a long haul and is sometimes operated twice a day directly by Finnair. This “dual fighter plane” resulted in:

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Great Circle Mapper

Booked: oneworld Run | Frankfurt Flyer Concept

The trip is booked, the anticipation builds. I'll have to be patient for a few more months, but until then I can catch up on caterers, planning activities and accommodation options. Flights should cost around €1,300 and bring in 780 tier points.

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