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Up to a trillion cicadas: America faces a glut

Up to a trillion cicadas: America faces a glut

Both cicada populations in the Midwest and southeastern United States are expected to be large — and a little noisy.

Scientists expect up to a trillion cicadas to flood the U.S. Midwest and Southeast in late spring. “USA TODAY” on Saturday quoted researchers as saying that two populations known as “Brute XIII” and “Brute” are expected to occur in 19 states.

So both populations sleep underground for most of their lives. “According to Brut USA Today, a strong event of both is expected from mid-May to the end of June.

Up to 90 decibels

A few days after hatching, male cicadas begin chirping at up to 90 decibels to mark their territory and attract mates. The New York Times writes that due to the large number of insects, a noise similar to that of a plane taking off is possible.

Cicadas are not directly dangerous to humans or animals, scientists said. Instead, they serve as a food source for birds and are good compost after they die. (APA/dpa)

Cicadas in America.(c) ABA

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