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TEL AVIV, Israel, April 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A survey of 2,045 IT CEOs found little difference between those without SASE and those who implemented SASE product portfolios. The findings underscore the importance of assessing platform capabilities when considering SASE.

Cato Networks, provider of the world’s number one SASE platform, has released the results of its sixth annual IT survey, “Security or Performance: How to Prioritize It?” The survey, of 2,045 IT leaders and nearly 1,000 channel partners provides insight into the trade-offs organizations face when choosing between network performance and security resiliency, with none of the respondents, and only a few channel partners working with Cato.

Poll results

Although SASE is described as a solution for security and network performance, the respondent ratings of those who have deployed SASE and those who have not, differ slightly. For example, when asked how they would respond to cloud application performance issues, 67% of SASE users and 61% of non-SASE users said they would increase bandwidth, while 19% of SASE users and 21% of non-SASE users would buy WAN applications optimization.

Improving remote access performance was a major priority for all respondents. This makes perfect sense in the new reality of work anywhere, and is one of the simplest use cases for SASE. But again, SASE users and non-SASE users face the same issues. 24% of SASE users versus 27% of non-SASE users complain about poor audio/video quality. Slow application performance is rated 50% by SASE users and non-SASE users.

The results were similar to network security. Respondents were asked to rate their level of confidence in their ability to detect and respond to malware and cyber attacks. On a scale of 1 to 10, despite describing SASE as the future of network security, the average answer for SASE users was 4 and for non-SASE users the second score was 3.

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So why is SASE seen as a transformative network and security platform when respondents see little difference between legacy architectures and SASE?

SASE: A Tale of Two Approaches

We think the answer has to do with the nature of the SASE architecture. SASE responder solutions consist of many products and components that are easily integrated into the SASE portfolio. While such an approach might bring some improvements over legacy architectures, these benefits pale in comparison to what can be achieved with the full SASE platform.

The “real” SASE architecture describes a global cloud service that combines security and connectivity. It is a single platform for all major security services, tightly coupled with an intelligent SD-WAN overlay. From a single console from which companies can configure and manage their complete security and network infrastructure It is this vision that takes full advantage of SASE.

“SASE benefits come from rethinking security and network architecture by bringing them together in the cloud,” said Eyal Weber-Zvik, Vice President of Product Marketing for Cato Networks made up of legacy point solutions and hardware architectures.

We are not the first to notice this difference. In a recent report Predicting 2022: Unified Security Platforms Are the Future1, Gartner discusses SASE wallets versus the SASE platform. Gartner says

“Service providers take two clear approaches when it comes to standardization:

platform approach

* Take advantage of dependencies and similarities between neighboring systems

* Integration of keyboards for common functions

* Support the company’s business objectives at least as effectively as the best of its kind

* Due to the integration and ease of use, safety goals have also been achieved.

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portfolio approach

* A selection of products that are not incorporated or slightly incorporated into the purchase package

* Multiple controllers with little integration and synergy

* An old fashioned approach to manufacturer packaging

* Will not fulfill any of the promised merging benefits

Differentiating between these methods is fundamental to group efficiency, and vendor marketing will always claim to be a platform. When evaluating products, you need to consider how well the integrated platform management and monitoring consoles are integrated. Also assess how security elements (such as data definitions, malware drivers) etc. can be reused without needing to be redefined, or how they can be seamlessly applied to multiple areas. Multiple consoles and multiple drivers are an indication that this is a wallet approach that must be carefully considered 1

Cato SASE Cloud is the first global SASE platform that combines SD-WAN and network security together in a global native cloud service. Cato enables an optimal security mode with a self-developed defense that seamlessly blocks new threats. With the Cato Global Private Backbone network, organizations can replace their global MPLS while simplifying accessing resources across multiple clouds and enabling secure and simplified remote access from anywhere.


* To learn more about Kato, visit [1]

*For more survey results, check out this blog:[2] safety
Or performance: Survey reveals confusion about SASE’s promise.

* For distributor results, see “[2] Cato survey:
Channel partners prioritize volume and delivery ability over product margins.”


1 Gartner, “Predicting 2022: Unified Security Platforms Are the Future,” Charlie Winkless, Jörg Fritsch, Peter Firstbrook, Neil MacDonald, and Brian Lowans, December 1, 2021

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Gartner is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and internationally and is used here with permission. All rights reserved.


Cato offers the world’s first SASE platform, combining SD-WAN and network security into a global native cloud service. Kato solutions improve and secure access to applications for all users and sites. With Cato, customers can easily move from MPLS to SD-WAN, improve connectivity to on-premises and cloud applications, enable secure Internet access for branch offices anywhere, and seamlessly integrate cloud data centers and mobile users into the network without the trust of architecture. With Cato, the network and your company are well prepared to master the challenges of the future. Abdullah Al-Harbi @alamattaqs.

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