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Which is faster: carrier pigeons or the Internet?

Which is faster: carrier pigeons or the Internet?

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No, it’s not a joke: YouTuber Jeff Girling In a detailed video, he really addresses the question of whether this is the case the carrier pigeon Faster than him Fiber optic internet. Even if someone automatically answers “never,” Gerling quickly makes sense of his project: it depends on how quickly a large amount of data can be transferred at the same time.

To illustrate this, the dove joins 3 USB ports with 3 TB of video data versus the speed of uploading the same amount of data to the Internet.

What colors disappear first under water?

The deeper you go underwater, the more color you lose – until at some point everything becomes colorless. It depends on them Wavelengths of light together. Long wavelengths disappear first, short wavelengths last. Therefore, the colors disappear in order: Red orange yellow green blue purpleAs this video shows (at least in part):

Probably the best kite

“Airplane” is a flexible term in this case, but you soon forget that when you watch how wonderfully this curvy paper moves through the air:

Great close-ups

UrDay channel has it in its video”The beauty of everyday objects up close“8 minutes of everyday stuff like this Burning matchthe Pop popcorn And that Lime squeeze It was filmed in extreme close-ups. Minor warning – the video is full of loud and annoying noises.