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Börse Express – Discover the 2022 WISE Awards Winners

Six pioneering projects addressing global educational challenges have been recognized for their positive contribution to education and society by WISE, an initiative of the Qatar Foundation. The winners of the 2022 WISE Awards are:

EduFinance Opportunity By Opportunity International (USA) helps children access high-quality schools through social funding. It provides technical assistance to financial institutions to create and grow education financing portfolios and train schools in these portfolios so that they become more financially sustainable and increase the quality of education over time.

Educating for Wellbeing By AtentaMente (Mexico) focuses on developing the social and emotional skills of adults by enhancing the well-being of teachers and creating a nurturing environment in the classroom and school that provides students with a protective learning environment. In three years, 12,500 administrators, educators, and education authorities were trained in electronic warfare.

Childcare Social Excellence kidogo (Kenya) to support women entrepreneurs who run their own childcare facilities to provide affordable, high-quality education and care for young children. Kidogo is now the largest childcare network in Kenya with over 750 franchises serving around 16,000 children.

Remake Learning (USA) Provides students with educational experiences that encourage creativity and imagination in and out of the classroom. It is a peer network of more than 1,200 members that brings educators and innovators together to create engaging learning opportunities for students – thus helping them navigate rapid social and technological change.

Free Online Education Resource Bank From Education Above All (Qatar) is a globally accessible collection of technology-free, low-resource project-based learning resources for a student-led approach to learning. This adaptive solution has reached more than 827,000 learners in over 14 countries with more than 30 partners, including marginalized learners in refugee settlements, remote rural communities and underserved urban contexts.

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Climate change solutions by Rip Benefit Foundation (India) has developed the Solve Ninja platform to motivate work-oriented youth and 21st century skills through local action. Harnessing the power of grassroots mobilization, technology, and action-oriented communities, more than 112,018 Solve Ninjas have led more than 94,000 actions nationwide related to climate and citizenship issues.

The winners of the WISE Awards will be celebrated at a special ceremony in Doha. In addition to opportunities to be featured and networked as part of the WISE community, each winner will receive $20,000 (US).

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