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Sterntalerhof Benefit Event: Big Heart for Sick Children

Sterntalerhof Benefit Event: Big Heart for Sick Children

at 14.9. called DI Johan Konvika For the Merit event at Radiokulturhaus Vienna. He has good connections with many artists and after a two-year hiatus, it’s time again: clean the stage for the Sterntalerhof. Presented by the member of the Vienna Volksoper band Wolfgang Grachmeier, the audience can look forward to a colorful evening programme. At first, the ballet fascinated children at the Ballet School “The World of Dance”. founded by Kirill Korlevthe former principal dancer of the Vienna State Ballet, and his wife Olga Isina Korlev, ballerina of the State Ballet. Five exhilarating dance scenes were shown. with Agneta HanabiAnd the Lina Weiss And the Caroline Zens Nicknamed “ROTBLONDBRAUN” he went on the musical journey with an excerpt from the cabaret program “Love, Frustration and Music” through operetta and music by Ostropop. Barbara and Sue I listened to excerpts from her reading “The Colors of Love” from letters from Eric Kastner, Eugene Roth, Karl Farkas, and Eric Fried. Jerrold RudelThe actor and cabaret artist has been supporting Sterntalerhof as an ambassador since 2015 and of course has provided the best stand-up comedy. Finally, they played each other Clemence Lindell And the David Muller The nickname “DIE STROTTERN” is in the hearts of the public. the unique sharpness of their words ( Peter Ahorner) The duo’s translation has won the Austrian Amadeus Music Awards several times, and in 2012 they were also awarded the German World Music Award. This evening, the artists gave up their fees in favor of the children’s hospice “Sterntalerhof – Comprehensive Life Support Association”. According to DI Johann Konvicka, Sterntalerhof Board Member next to Managing Director Mag. Harald JankowitzIt will soon have a new location in Tirol. A plot of land has already been found. DI Johann Konvicka explained that the expansion came after a large number of inquiries to the Sterntalerhof from all over Austria and abroad. He dedicated this evening to his friend and Sterntalerhof ambassador, Frank Hoffmann, to say thank you posthumously.

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After a two-year break, it's time again: clear the way for the Sternhalhof.  Presented by Vienna troupe member Wolfgang Grachmeier, the audience can look forward to a colorful evening programme.  DI Johann Konvicka has good connections with many artists.

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