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Börse Express – Hellofresh Increases Growth Expectations

Berlin (dpa-AFX) – Hellofresh mail ordering in the cookbox
It increased its sales forecast for the current year after a strong second quarter. Because the DAX filter The group wants to invest more money in the prerequisites for further growth, and the group has lowered the target for operating margin. In terms of sales, the company now expects a 45 to 55 percent increase adjusted for currency effects. So far, expectations have been between 35 and 45 percent.

On the basis of current exchange rates, sales growth in euros will be about three to four percentage points lower than on a currency rate basis, Heilofrich surprisingly announced Thursday evening in Berlin. According to the company, analysts have so far assumed a sales increase of about 41 percent.

As the group builds new production facilities for further growth and wants to invest in technology, the group is now assuming a lower margin value based on one-time adjusted EBITDA effects. Operating margin should be between 8.25 and 10.25 per cent instead of 10 to 12 per cent in the current year. According to the information, so far, analysts have a margin of approximately 11 percent on slippage. / zb /he

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