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No job is too difficult for an office friend

No job is too difficult for an office friend

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Order management made easy – overview and recall all operations with comprehensive software

Munich (pts012 / 06.08.2021 / 09:20) – Order management is a complex issue in companies. The more orders, the more professional and digital order management is imperative. Because infinite processes have to be linked and processed. A quick overview of all the processes is very important. Offers, cost estimates, order confirmations, invoices, final invoices, group invoices, delivery notices, correction invoices, orders, and subscription invoices are linked and can be called directly in Order Manager. The user interface of this corporate app is intuitive and practice-oriented to ensure unhindered workflow. There is no better friend in the office – OfficeFreund. try to. By the end of summer 2021 – free software testing for one year:

Invoke each process separately at any time and process new orders at any time

Every existing process can be recalled from Order Management at any time and new processes, changes and modifications can be created and edited at any time. Jobs that are repeated over and over can easily be copied to existing jobs, thus saving a lot of time.

All current processes can be instantly printed from the Order Manager or saved as a PDF file. Lists, eg issued invoice book, can also be printed at any time. There are extensive filtering and search options in Order Management, which allows an overview of incoming orders and the flow of goods at any time. Processes that belong together are linked together with the press of a button. All invoices and associated delivery notices can be viewed in the history log in Order Manager. Here too, operations and changes can be added at any time and all actions can also be printed, deleted and of course edited. In the OfficeFreund order management, the entire invoice process is completely displayed.

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OfficeFreund command management can do more than that

Especially important in everyday office life and for customer questions: With OfficeFreund, you can easily find and select customers from the order window using a quick search. The search is very easy and can be done in several fields at the same time with a comma. Requests can be sent via email upon request. Here you can also specify the type of order and shipment, the method of payment, the date of the operation and enter the text of the footer, etc. You can refer to operations and assign them to the operation history. A group invoice can be created by reference to several delivery notes.

All of this will be available as a free trial for a full year until the end of summer 2021:

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