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Börse Express – OMV wants to sell Germany’s last gas stations to Orlen

Vienna (dpa-AFX) – Austrian energy company OMV
It wants to sell its last gas stations in Germany to the Polish group Orlin. An OMV spokesperson confirmed a similar report by “Welt am Sonntag” on Friday. 17 sites were affected, twelve of them in the Aldi Sud car parks.

The withdrawal is justified by the divestment in Germany. About a year ago, the OMV core brand’s filling station network of 285 locations was sold to Esso / EG Group for almost half a billion euros. OMV is mainly represented in southern Germany.

If the Federal Cartel Office agrees to the sale, the Polish group PKN Orlen will continue to expand in Germany and even enter the automatic filling station sector, according to the newspaper. The Poles have been since 2003 by purchasing nearly 500 fuel stations from BP
represented in Germany. According to “Welt am Sonntag”, Orlen’s network has now grown to 587 petrol stations, which are also represented by supermarkets ./mrd/DP/stw

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