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With the effect of a signal, comment on the abolition of the penal interest by

ING by Tobias Fischer

Frankfurt (ots) – ING is going ahead and virtually eliminating custody fees,

Although only a shift in interest rates is expected in Europe. in july

The European Central Bank will raise interest rates in the face of rising inflation

forecast. But that’s not certain, and even if it was, it’s unclear how powerful it is

The interest rate step has been canceled and whether others will follow. It’s more than wonderful

Early identification of ING. It must have a signal effect.

It is true that the Oldenburgische Landesbank was already a pioneer around three

Weeks of exemption limits for deposits from private customers, of which 0.50 percent

The accrued penal interest is raised. But as a regional bank, it lacks that

Witt, which is one of the largest German banks with more than 9 million customers

Lifts. After reining in deposit flows, ING now expects again

Increasing flows. What banks across the country tried, customers

Preventing them from investing their money in suspicious accounts is a mistake

In the opposite perspective.

On the other hand, savings banks and banks rightly complained about it

Excess deposits that do not qualify as adequate or reasonable loans

Investors, are forced to stand at the central bank with negative interest rates.

On the other hand, they are also given allowances and thanks to

ECB TLTRO III Refinancing Operations Partially Large Interest Income

been granted. Such (partial) compensation or not, resentment of

Penal interest, custody fee, negative interest or whatever those of the banks

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The interest rate on the European Central Bank’s deposit facility has been passed to its customers minus

0.50 percent is mentioned, made explicit at nearly every press conference. The

The “loving hugs of clients” are increasingly moving away from institutes

Economically, comment on the air he breathes

Head of the Sparkasse Helmut Schluys once.

Even if it is in the face of a slow shift in interest rates with the influx of unwanted money

It might end in the foreseeable future, institutes are totally in trouble

Then not yet. Because the interest of the loan usually has a fixed interest rate

Up to 15 years, at low prices, at the same time

But the pressure is high to raise interest rates on deposits quickly

The interest margin initially shrinks more rather than expands. change

Of course over time, when the fixed interest rates and contracts expire – then they close

Higher interest – it is adjusted. But it will be years before then. kiss her

It gets better, it might get worse at least for some institutes.

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