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Including art in the monastery of the Diocese of Rossau: Braille in Art @ Art in the Lobby

Including art in the monastery of the Diocese of Rossau: Braille in Art @ Art in the Lobby

In the changing exhibitions, the Diocese of Rossau shows the diversity of life as reflected in art. It is here that artists appreciate and show visitors to gather new strength for everyday life. With works that include braille, crackthefireister now invites you to take the time to get a feel for it. Not only are people whose sense of sight is limited should be invited to go on a journey of discovery, but also sighted people in particular have the opportunity here to consciously enjoy a moment for themselves with the theme of feeling, understanding, and pausing.

On August 6, 2022, a guided tour was held through the exhibition, which in addition to questions about the creation of the works and the motives behind them, also shed light on the reactions of visitors observed so far. Some visitors were particularly surprised by what seemed to be a secondary issue: while posters alongside photos and exhibition guides are usually just practical and organizational components of an exhibition that is not the focus, here are independent and expanding works.

This includes, for example, braille dots on color areas of abstract images, which reproduce colors in Braille in writing, or braille text in wooden frames describing flat work, but also a gallery guide, which shows to those who are seeing people what guidance efforts mean if you You can’t see and still want to visit a place like this. A supplementary text is provided for the textile works shown for both sighted and non-sighted people, as part of the engraving is in Braille only and another part of the engraving is written only in “black writing” on the work.

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As part of the “Solidarian Outdoor Summer on Alsergrund” campaign, the outdoor exhibition “The Camel Goes for a Walk in the Alsergrund” was supposed to be held in the open air in 2021, but for organizational reasons it was shown in the festival hall of the district administration. All 12 signs, illuminating the Braille theme by entering into the origins and use of this text, are now on display in the parish convent alongside acrylic, tapestry, and text on cardboard.
“Camel goes for a walk in the Alsergrund” is described at (text and illustrations).

On September 11, 2022 at 11am there will be a middle session with a reading tour and a guided tour. You can sign up for this at [email protected].

Note: Before that, the Divine Liturgy will be celebrated at ten in the morning in the serviced church.

Braille in Art @ Art in progress
From August 6 to September 23, 2022
Parish Rossau, monastery
Servitengasse 9, 1090 Vienna