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Börse Express – Plus WP Carey & Realty Income: Could a Hamborner REIT Become One of the Best REITs in My Portfolio?

WP Cary (NYSE: A1J5SB) and Real estate income (WKN: 899744) One of the most important REITs in my portfolio, but there’s also room for that here. Hamburger Rite (Nasdaq: A3H233)? Basically, I can say: I invested quite a bit in the stocks of this German-speaking REIT. But do I see a basis for taking this to a significantly higher level?

This is an interesting question that we want to get to below. The Hamborner REIT share has essential qualities. But can they compete with Realty Income and WP Carey…?

Realty Income, WP Carey: Hamborner Reit im Dividendenvergleich

As with Realty Income and WP Carey, the Hamborner REIT stake is of course about profits. Let’s start with two American REITs: with roughly 4% to over 5% dividend yield, they partly define the valuation standard in terms of valuation. But the quality is the deciding factor: an almost aristocratic and noble date is nothing unattractive.

Hamborner REIT stake can only continue to be limited here. The German REIT is currently generating a dividend yield of around 4.8%. In addition, the history is very good with batches that have been consistently distributed for more than two decades. BUT: There is no regular annual growth in earnings for the German-speaking actor.

Is this a problem? In the end, Realty Income and WP Carey aren’t growth champions. At just under 1% per year, earnings growth is pretty low here too. In this regard: given the yield, the quality can certainly continue.

But: another real estate approach

However, what really matters is the real estate company’s approach. Hamborner REIT has a portfolio of less than 100 different properties that define two segments: the largely non-cyclical retail segment consisting of supermarkets, hardware stores and the like, as well as prime real estate in city centres. An approach that has been, at least historically, oriented towards stability.

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However, the comparison between WP Carey and Realty Income is also helpful here. With more than 1,000 properties, the two US REITs have a much broader portfolio, reducing the effects of isolated vacancies. In addition, wallets are more diverse internally. Of course, many sectors have opportunities and risks. For me, this offer is all-around protection.

So when I compare Hamborner REIT with Realty Income and WP Carey in a qualitative, company-oriented way, I think: There is a difference in quality, or at least in quantity, here. The yield is similarly strong again. But nevertheless: the total package is not enough for an even distribution, but perhaps for a slightly higher weight.

clause Plus WP Carey & Realty Income: Could a Hamborner REIT Become One of the Best Real Estate Investment Trusts in My Portfolio? First appeared in Motley Fall Deutschland.

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Vincent owns shares in Hamborner REIT, Realty Income and WP Carey. The Motley Fool does not have a position in any of the stocks mentioned.

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