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Börse Express - Qualification Benefits

Börse Express – Qualification Benefits

What are the basic characteristics of an competency matrix?

jurisdiction or qualification matrix Enables employees’ skills to be represented visually. These can be specific job-related skills, such as software, language skills or technical knowledge. In addition, general skills are introduced, which can include driver’s licenses or personal interests. perfect skill matrix Actually answers at a glance which employees are optimally deployed and in which workplace. If there are failures at certain points, a suitable replacement can be found more quickly within the team. If the necessary skills are currently not available or are insufficiently available, one can consider expanding the team or seeking further qualifications for the employees.

It is essential that the skills of all employees be known as comprehensively as possible. There are special team coding tests for this, and alternatively you can ask employees to do a self-assessment.

What advantages does the qualification matrix offer?

The qualification matrix is ​​useful not only for the company, but also for the employees. The following aspects are of particular interest.

  • Qualification Matrix enables easier workflow and project planning. Special projects, as well as normal daily work in the company can be optimally organized with the help of qualification matrix. Vacation periods and any sick absences are also included in the planning. The so-called bus operator describes the worst-case scenario: What happens if employee X is run over by a bus? Even in such a case, there should be no qualifying deficit that cannot be crossed. Otherwise, this would be a serious competitive disadvantage.
  • The team gets a chance to continue their education. The qualification matrix shows which employee has the skills and where individual interests lie. In this way, you can give individual employees the opportunity to further train or train the whole team if necessary, for example in relation to information security. In almost all cases, it is cheaper to further qualify the existing team than to hire qualified new employees. In addition, these people are difficult to find in times of shortage of skilled workers.
  • Controlling progress is made easier with the Efficiency Matrix. How does the qualification of individual employees compare to that of the entire team? Is it necessary for the company to offer additional offers for further training? The team should also be encouraged to specifically name the newly acquired skills so that the competency matrix remains up to date.
  • Particularly committed employees are easy to identify. Anyone who doesn’t just work to referee is an essential part of the team. Especially in special situations (economic problems, handling large orders, etc.) you can count on these employees.
  • Employees can relate well to the company thanks to the qualification matrix. For most people, their own abilities are an integral part of who they are. Therefore, these skills are seen as a mark of appreciation if they are not only known in the company, but also used when necessary.
  • Employees can be specifically assigned to specific tasks. For team members, this means a special challenge beyond the daily routine.
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A clear, complete and always up-to-date efficiency matrix is ​​an indispensable tool even for medium-sized companies. It simplifies processes, facilitates planning for future projects and increases mutual respect within the team.