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Börse Express – Quantum eMotion was highlighted in a recent Forbes article on “World Quantum Day”.

MONTREAL, April 19, 2022 – Quantum feelings corp (“QeM” or The Company (TSX-V: QNC; OTCMKTS: QNCCF; FSE: 34Q) is pleased to announce the company’s recent appearance in a new Forbes article. The article is titled “World Quantum Day: A Love Letter” by Arthur Hermann, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and Director of the Quantum Hudson Alliance Initiative (QAI).

The article emphasizes the importance of designating April 14 as World Quantum Day, whose main goal is to raise public awareness of the positive impact of quantum applications on society and the great revolution that is expected to unleash in the near future, to promote it. It also underscores QAI’s efforts to address critical public issues related to the adoption of quantum technologies.

QeM considered one of the He mentions quite a few companies that have been able to provide real and significant solutions in the field of quantum cybersecurity. The company recently announced the launch of the QRNG2 USB Key Hack, a new portable quantitative random number generator (QRNG) pure entropy with 1.5 JB/s delivers, the highest throughput available in a marketable QRNG today. With these levels of performance, the technology QeM Potential to become the QRNG reference in the field of 5G communications and other high-speed cybersecurity applications.

You can read the full Forbes article by clicking on the link below:

above QeM

The company sees its mission as meeting the growing demand for affordable hardware security for networked devices. The patented quantum random number generator solution takes advantage of the unpredictability inherent in quantum mechanics and promises greater security to protect valuable assets and critical systems.

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The company primarily wants to target the high-value areas of financial services, blockchain applications, cloud-based IT security infrastructure, classified government networks and communications systems, secure device cryptography (IOT, automotive, consumer electronics) and quantum cryptography.

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