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Börse Express - DGAP-DD: Zalando SE (German)

Börse Express – Rainforest Resources announces its negotiations to purchase a new property in Pablio Sexto

28 Mdoctor 2022. Miami, Florida. Rainforest Resources Corporation (Code: RRIF) And its subsidiary RAINFOREST DEL ECUADOR is pleased to Begin negotiations with the family BENAVIL On the acquisition of 6770 hectares of property in Paolo SixtoGovernorate Morona Santiago (Edward) to announce it at Next to our SUMAKSACHA project site.

With the acquisition of this new propertycks We will expand the area which is part of our project as Extent of protected areas for reforestation And increase the protection of plants and animals. This creates opportunityAnd the In the future in addition to eMission Certificates to erlangat.

In addition, we check An opportunity to enter into negotiations with the Arias family to acquire an additional 6125 hectares of real estate adjacent to our SUMAKSACHA project.

For more information about Rainforest Resources Inc. (RRIF), please visit the company’s website:

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