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Börse Express – The federal government and Brandenburg have agreed to support the Tesla battery factory

GRÜNHEIDE (dpa-AFX) – The federal government and Brandenburg want to determine the funding path for the planned Tesla battery plant
In Grünheide near Berlin. Brandenburg State Economy Minister Jörg Steinbach told Cabinet on Tuesday that an administrative agreement was planned with the federal government on modalities for joint funding of battery cell research and production by Tesla. He did not comment on the amount of funding from the federal and state governments. This Thursday, the Budget Committee of the Brandenburg State Parliament will deal with it.

Not only does Tesla want to build a car factory near Berlin, it also wants to build new types of batteries. Tagspiegel wrote on Sunday that the electric car maker could expect government funding of around 1.1 billion euros from a European battery cell programme. The Federal Department of Economics has announced that there is “no final figure yet” for Tesla’s funding as part of the battery project.

“One of the largest and most modern factories in the world for battery production and recycling will be built in Grünheide,” Steinbach said. “With the plant planned, the value chain at this location for electric vehicle production will be expanded by a central component and additional jobs will be created.” However, a prerequisite for this is an environmental permit for settlement by the state. The timetable for decision-making is open. Tesla aims by the end of the year to start production of cars; It was planned in July before.

At the beginning of 2021, the European Commission approved for the second time billions in aid to support battery production in Europe. Germany and eleven other countries in the European Union could save up to 2.9 billion euros as well as advance electric mobility. Tesla in Brandenburg could also benefit from the financing. In addition to technology research and development, the focus is also on recycling and subsequent commercial use, the Brandenburg Department of Economic Affairs announced.

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A train station near Grünheide, where the RE1 regional express train stops, is to be moved about 1.5 kilometers to the west for 50 million euros. He will then be at the entrance to the planned Tesla factory. The Left in the Brandenburg State Parliament considers the project illegal aid. The Brandenburg state government rejects this.

“Regardless of the Tesla settlement, the expansion of all stations, and thus also the former Wangschlius station, was and remains necessary due to the use of significantly longer trains on the RE1 line,” company spokeswoman Katharina Burckhardt said on Tuesday. It would also make sense to take into account the new traffic requirements from the development plan for the Tesla settlement. The state wants to refinance the bulk of the costs with federal funds.

On the other hand, left-wing traffic politician Kristian Juerke cited an opinion on behalf of the parliamentary group. The report concluded that it was illegal aid. “With transmission, only Tesla has an advantage.” Gork announced that the left in the European Parliament will confront the EU Commission with the report. He later invited Tesla to co-finance the station. / vr/DP / nas

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