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Polestar unveils limited-edition e-bike collaboration

Polestar unveils limited-edition e-bike collaboration

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(Pocket-lint) – In addition to announcing prices for the single-engine Polestar 2 – available from £45,900 in the UK – Swedish carmaker IAA Mobility has used 2021 – better known as the Munich Motor Show – to offer one of its kind: an electric bike A limited edition, called Makka from Startup Cake (also Swedish), which is combined with Polestar 2.

However, this is not just a limited edition Makka – an e-bike that already existed in an earlier format; Although the Polestar Edition is equipped with a distinctive gold-tone rear suspension – it’s a complete collaboration where the car, bike, cargo and systems work synergistically.

The idea behind the project is basically to help us traverse cities or perhaps explore remote rural areas that are not easily accessible by cars. Some urban centers—like Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo, to name a few from our memory—are so packed with cars that it doesn’t always make sense to get stuck in traffic. So why not take the Polestar 2 to an overseas station, disconnect the Makka from the rear towbar and then speed into town with minimal delay?

It’s an interesting, if not entirely original, idea. Companies around the world have been looking for ways to speed up deliveries in, say, urban areas for many years. In the heart of Munich, the city where the IAA 2021 took place, Post uses tricycles on bike paths instead of delivery trucks full of letters. But until recently, these solutions were not necessarily electrifying or effective.

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However, the key to this Polestar and Cake project is the way the car and bike “talk” to each other. The e-bike, attached to the rear of the Polestar 2 in a currently out-of-functioning prototype-trailer-train assembly, shares the same OS and can even charge the Makka from the vehicle if necessary. Systems know the total battery capacity and potential range in a pair.

However, this Cake and Polestar 2 project is far from just a concept, and it’s slated to launch in the future – likely from 2022 or later, depending on how much additional work there is – although there’s currently no pricing.

Does this make sense? For many, maybe not. However, in many ways, it’s a successful exploration of hopping conversations outside of traditional forms – you could probably have your cake and eat it when it comes to getting around town, right? And who knows what the future holds, as electric cars grow exponentially in terms of buy/rent interest. No doubt it will be different than it used to be.

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