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Bourse Express – Mercedes Kallenius CEO Makes Higher Profits in 2021

Bourse Express – Mercedes Kallenius CEO Makes Higher Profits in 2021

STUTTGART (dpa-AFX) – Mercedes-Benz President Ola Källenius earned more in 2021 because of the automaker’s good business. Bonuses totaled 6.14 million euros after 5.87 million euros in the same period last year, according to a bonus report published in Stuttgart on Friday.

Regardless of the chip crisis, Mercedes-Benz expanded its business and made much more profit. The group’s net profit, which was still trading under the Daimler name last year, was 23 billion euros, six times what it was before thanks to the effects of the valuation. “2021 has been a turbulent year for Mercedes-Benz,” said the CEO, with the goal of showcasing Daimler Truck’s large truck business. He said in December. The prestigious automotive division, designed for luxury and revenue, is now assembled into Mercedes-Benz.

Thanks to the earnings jump, the automaker increased its dividend to shareholders to 5 euros per share from 1.35 euros previously. Despite the decline in car sales, sales rose by nine percent to 168 billion euros

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