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Breaking quarantine rules in China: Nicole Kidman under attack

Breaking quarantine rules in China: Nicole Kidman under attack

Hollywood star Nicole Kidman caused criticism in Hong Kong after the local government awarded her an award Granting an exception to the mandatory quarantine rules. The Australian flew from Sydney to China last Thursday to shoot Amazon Prime arrivals. In Hong Kong, the 54-year-old is said to live in a rented villa in the Peak District. However, two days after his arrival, it sparked a heated controversy when photos were published showing Kidman They showed up with their bodyguard while shopping at a designer boutique in the city’s central district.

Nicole Kimdenham exceeds quarantine requirements in Hong Kong

However, the city states that international travelers must complete a quarantine of at least seven days after arriving in Hong Kong. The government confirmed, however, that the actress had been subjected to strict quarantine rules – to enable filming. In the opposite statement HK01 The Hong Kong Bureau of Trade and Economic Development said Nicole Kidman had been granted an exemption from mandatory quarantine “to do specific work”.

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