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The victory of Celebrity Big Brother?  Your horoscope reveals it!

The victory of Celebrity Big Brother? Your horoscope reveals it!

Does Melanie Mueller, 33, Have a Chance to Win ‘Celebrity Big Brother’? We’ll tell you what your horoscope says here!

Melanie Muller: What your horoscope reveals about you

Melanie Muller has already participated in many realistic formats, in the jungle camp she managed to finish Even securing the crown. The 33-year-old is currently fighting for victory in “Celebrity Big Brother” with Danni Büchner, Uwe Abel and Co. And it caused some quarrels in the TV prison, but also emotional moment.

But what are your chances of winning the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’? And what influence does your horoscope have on the role Melanie Muller plays in the group? Sixx astrologer Sarah provides an answer to all of these questions.

You can read more about Melanie Müller and “Celebrity Big Brother” here:

Melanie Muller: Gemini with the rise of Leo

Melanie Mueller was born on the 10th of June, so she has it Gemini star – An air sign said to be adaptable, communicative, sociable, and extroverted. The qualities that a Ballerman singer in “Celebrity Big Brother” should have come in handy, especially when dealing with other celebrities, with whom you have to spend three whole weeks in an enclosed space. But precisely because the twins according to your horoscope Lots of people who especially like to talk, the 33-year-old can evolve into a “gossip girl” in the past few days in a TV prison.

But not only your immediate horoscope, but also your ascendant Leo can have an impact on your “celebrity big brother” engagement. Black is one of the fire sign They are considered open, self-confident and vain – traits that, according to “Sixxtrologist” Sarah, perfectly apply to Melanie Muller, because she is known to possess Too much focus on their looks Thanks to her open and direct style, she has never hidden her numerous interventions in the field of cosmetology. Leo likes to be the center of attention quickly and is often popular – combined with the characteristics of their Gemini zodiac sign, this could definitely pay off for Melanie, as this could mean that the Queen of the Jungle will also be part of their “celebrity big brother” for a very long time – and eventually, He may secure victory…

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“Promi Big Brother” runs daily on Saturday 1

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