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Forest explorers

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It started last week Campaign to me “Forest Explorers” From From Studio Woods In the forge game. in which Co-op dungeon crawler By author Jeffrey Wood 1-4 heroes Explore the mysterious forest and defeat the evil that lurks there. Illustrations composed by Jiahui Eva Zhao (Draftosaurus) and the time of the game is about 35 minutes reach.

This is what the game is about

Strange things are happening in the enchanted, mysterious forest of the Woodlands. It is rumored that monsters and other dangerous creatures threaten the forest.

In the classic game mode, everyone explores a forest with more than 20 fields. At the end of each forest, a boss appears who must be defeated together to win the game!

In the exploration phase, everyone adds a tile to the forest and continues to expand it. In the adventure stage everyone plays their character in turn, rolls 4 hero dice and puts them on the hero board to choose and know what actions they can take in turn.

Depending on the outcome of the dice, each person gets special moves, actions, and unique abilities! Loot cards found by killing monsters or in the jungle and events also help to achieve the goal!

the campaign

The game is already available from the value of support €35 to have. There are no premium ingredients or anything similar in this campaign launched by Mirakulus Verlag. However, larger entire collections of other games can also be ordered from the publisher, such as “Kingdom Rush” and “Divinus”. The campaign continues until July 15. “Explors of the Jungle” will be delivered in June 2023.

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