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Jack and Daxter will be “transferred” from PS2 to PC by fans.

Jack and Daxter

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In recent years, we’ve started to see something beautiful happen: fans of classic console games are taking old codes and creating original PC versions of games that haven’t been officially released. We’ve seen this in some Nintendo gamesBut we see it now with the PlayStation platform as well.

This is not a broadcast in the usual cross-platform sense, nor is it a simulation. So this is a complete recompilation of the game code Jack and Daxter: The Legacy of the PioneerIt was released for PS2 in 2001 and now works as a native app on PC.

A project that is now 80% complete is some kind of amazing bullshitBecause it turns out Jack and Daxter It was written in GOAL, a custom Lisp language developed by Naughty Dog, meaning that the small team working on it “decoded the original game into human-readable GOAL code” and then “developed and reassembled our own compiler for GOAL”. for x86-64″.

Interestingly, it is not a direct port either, as some small changes have been made mainly to the game, mostly related to the options available to players:

We’ve added a ton of options (and removed some that don’t make sense) to the game’s settings so you can get a more modern or PS2-like experience if you choose to do so. He depends on you! There are also a bunch of additional wizards and secrets that have been added to help discover them. We strive to keep the core gameplay (controls, physics, behavior, etc.) identical. So if you find any issues or discrepancies, feel free to let us know.

Some of these “more modern” options include better translation controls, custom resolution, and camera controls, but in terms of overall gameplay, they’ve made orbs “easier to see.”

Although the project is not 100% complete, it can be downloaded (and to overcome it, there are probably only errors). From the project’s github site. Here are some snapshots of the project running in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second:

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