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Breyer Gallery – Esin Turan is back in Baden

Breyer Gallery – Esin Turan is back in Baden

International artist Esen Turan with Turkish and Austrian roots has already moved Baden with an exceptional movement art when she donned a burqa in the colors of the flag of Ukraine, and did a “free ticket” photo session in the city center and in the Kurpark in 2022.

Last year Turan recorded her series The Free Ticket in Baden and, wearing a burqa in the colors of Ukraine, addresses the unequal treatment of refugees.

Christopher Lane

Background: She wants to draw attention to the inequality between refugees and women in the Muslim world (in this series she wears a red burqa). As reported by NÖN, this project in Baden has attracted great interest. My artwork is about dealing with real issues and, above all, integrating the images that surround us into everyday life. The starting point for many of my installations and images has been the many global conflicts over the past two decades,” says Turan, who is now showing her work downtown again.

Memories That Never Were is the theme of her new creative cycle, which will be on display at the Breyer Gallery from May 5 (celebration starts at 6pm) until June 6. When she wants to escape the rigors of everyday life, the creative artist creates her own surreal spaces in her collages that are lively, subtle, and humorous at the same time. “Esin Turan processes archaeological objects and images into implicit stories. The so-called collective dream scenarios that evoke strong feelings and strong memories in us at the same time. Because people in ancient images are someone’s mother, father, daughter, and son. They are family members and friends and are always They are related to other people too. However, the photos ended up at flea markets. Nothing is known about their history,” explains gallery owner Christopher Lane. Many of Turan’s objects and ideas have been shown in galleries and exhibitions internationally.

Esin Turan is back

Esen Turan: “A Couple by the Sea.”