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he or she?  Politics or person?  |  MON |  13 03 2023 |  13:00

he or she? Politics or person? | MON | 13 03 2023 | 13:00


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When you turn on the TV, a new game begins: Will the politician stand up to the mediator? Will she face her opponent in her own party? Can you withstand the political opponents? The audience is excited, watching the “arm-wrestling” and awarding points inwardly or turning away upset: not another argument.

Many people criticize that politics has become one big show fight. The person dominates, the subjects play a secondary role. Experts talk about the “personalization” of politics and not just about it: public reports and debates are also shaped by a (few) number of personalities—how they speak, how they appear, whether they win or win, in general: how they pass themselves off .

Can politics be presented and made tangible only in this way: by means of people, their games and matches? What is the reason for the “person-centered” politics (reports): a slightly interested, apolitical audience should appeal to sentiment? little content? Too much content? laden? Where does the personalization of political debate lead us?

Andrea Hauer speaks to consultant and political analyst Peter Blackner and Elec. How have you been affected by the performance of some people in politics? When exactly do you want a more factual and objective discussion?

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Composer: Randy Newman
Public Title: The Randy Newman Songbook / The Complete Solo Recordings 2003/2010
Title: He’s Alone at the Top (contains “Dexter’s Tune” from “Awakenings””Zeit des Awakenings”)
Translation: Vol. 1
Soloist: Randy Newman / vocals, piano
Duration: 03:14 minutes
Label: Nonesuch / Warner 7559794905 (triple album)

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Composer: Kurt Weill
Album: 20th Century Foxtrots Vol.2 – Germany (Germany)
Title: Tango from “The Threepenny Opera”
Soloist: Gottlieb Wallisch / piano
Length: 02:59 minutes
Label: Grand Piano GP814

Composer: Randy Newman
Title: It’s the Money I Love
Soloist: Randy Newman / vocals, piano with accompaniment
Length: 03:40 minutes
Label: Rhino Records / Warner Bros. 755672 (4 CD)

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