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“BRIBE-CATE”: 17 records dangerous for Biden?

“BRIBE-CATE”: 17 records dangerous for Biden?

Status: 06/19/2023 10:46 am

Vice President Joe Biden allegedly took bribes with his son Hunter. Republicans are now releasing evidence of this long-running allegation: records of 17 phone calls. What are the effects of Bidens?

“Bribery Gate” is already being talked about in the US: “Watergate”, the mother of all political scandals, and “Bribery” – in English: Bribery. The allegation of bribery was aimed at the relationship of the Bidens: father and son.

In 2016, when he was vice president, Joe Biden made aid to Ukraine conditional on the firing of a lawyer there. Because this lawyer Victor Shokin is corrupt. The bittersweet thing about it: Skogin also investigated the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, on whose supervisory board Biden’s son Hunter sits.

The Republican Party is talking Tape recordings

So far, rumors for years. What’s new, however, is that Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa just told Congress: “A foreign national who allegedly bribed Biden apparently secretly made 17 tapes,” Grassley says. It refers to Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of BURISMA. The source is a classified FBI information. “He wanted to protect himself with these records if the bribe was discovered,” says Grassley.

But if the mysterious tapes are real, what exactly can be heard in them? At a congressional hearing, Senator Ted Cruz asked Deputy FBI Director Paul Abbate whether the federal police had these 17 records. “I am not authorized to comment on ongoing investigations,” the disclaimer said.

The Republican MP from Kentucky who is leading the House of Representatives investigation. James Comer, apparently, knows more: “Joe Biden can be heard on two recordings, and former Burisma manager Hunter Biden can be heard on the rest.” All negotiations revolved around the terms of the bribe: the two Bidens reportedly received five million dollars each.

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Trump: Biden ‘Most Corrupt US President of All Time’

Donald Trump, currently under increasing pressure due to allegations in the dossier affair, is sensing an opportunity to distract from his own ill health. Trump said last week that after he is re-elected, he will appoint an actual special counsel. He then has to investigate “the most corrupt US president of all time” and the entire “Biden crime family”.

While the Republican Party is not sufficiently “bribe-gate” America, the other half in favor of Biden ignores the issue. At the time, Joe Biden was consulting with other countries, including the European Union, to push for the prosecutor’s dismissal — a concerted move. Congressman James Comer predicted the protection would not last long: “It’s getting harder for Biden to explain. And the left-wing media will eventually investigate where Biden got his money.”

Gomer’s party now wants a parliamentary inquiry to unearth evidence of bribes worth crores and reveal audio recordings.