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In case of an invasion of Ukraine: US threatens Moscow to end Nord Stream 2

In the case of the invasion of Ukraine
USA threatens Moscow with AS for North Stream 2

If Russia invades Ukraine, the United States wants to impose full sanctions in retaliation. The controversial North Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea is also being targeted.

The United States has threatened to suspend the North Stream 2 pipeline across the Baltic Sea in the event of an aggression against Ukraine. The Democrats in the United States have tabled a bill in Washington to impose sanctions on Russian government officials and banks, but also against Nord Stream 2, which is bringing more Russian gas to Western Europe.

In an attempt to support the presidency, the pipeline is said to be “an instrument of negative influence in the Russian Federation.” In the event of an attack on Ukraine, “all possible and reasonable measures” must be taken to prevent it from operating.

This is in the context of the deployment of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border and concerns about Western governments and the invasion of Ukraine. “In our opinion, if Russia resumes its aggression against Ukraine, it will be very difficult for gas to flow through the pipeline or start operating,” said US Secretary of State Wendy Sherman. NATO-Russia Council meeting in Brussels. It reiterated the US position that the pipeline project was undermining European energy and security interests.

SPD politicians warn of sanctions

This has been repeatedly rejected by the central government. However, in the new traffic lights coalition, the Greens are clearly critical of the pipeline. The United States is a major exporter of liquefied natural gas, which is also supplied to Europe. At the SPD, on the other hand, there are growing warnings about the embargo debate against the Baltic Sea gas pipeline. Katja Mast, parliamentary manager of the SPD parliamentary committee, said it was a “wrong approach and a wrong discussion”. No drastic restrictions are currently in place.

“If there is to be a new debate about tough sanctions against Russia, all things have to be on the table without reservations. This includes Nord Stream 2, but it includes many things,” he said. Coincidentally, Mast said no gas was currently flowing through the pipe. So the stop has no immediate effect. “The real problem is to narrow down the discussion to North Stream 2.”

Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin Andrei Melnik called on the Ambel coalition to “remove the pipeline at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.” SPD general secretary Kevin Kühnert, on the other hand, called for an end to the domestic political debate over Nord Stream 2.

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