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Brickworks Eder in Peuerbach and Weibern: investing in improvement measures

Brickworks Eder in Peuerbach and Weibern: investing in improvement measures

At the Eder brick factory, investment in improvement measures was made at both sites in Peuerbach and Weibern this year. In this way, the ever-increasing demands on brick production can be met.

Bauerbach, Women. In addition to the continuous improvement of quality, the increasing demand also creates a need for investment. Last month, for example, the 100,000th pallet of solid bricks rolled off the production line.

“Pre-orders for backfill bricks for the upcoming season are more than satisfactory. Many customers have recognized the advantages and appreciate the improved noise and heat insulation as well as space savings through reduced wall thickness,”

Eder explains.

For building materials experts in Eder, it is important to further improve the production conditions of these high-quality building materials. The company’s president, Walter Eder, sees the two production sites as real drivers: “There is positive competition that unleashes a lot of creativity. The results can be quickly implemented in both Peuerbach and Weibern.”

The special focus of this year’s investments has been on Optimizing the supply of raw materials for production. A team of in-house locksmiths and mechanical engineers designed and built a new feeder that will be used at both sites in the future.

“We attach great importance to careful handling of raw materials. This is the prerequisite in the end to obtain the desired product quality,”

confirms managing director Walter Eder.

Beware of raw materials…

…begins with careful disassembly, which only happens when the weather is nice and for a limited time. The materials are then cached before being fed into production via new loading systems. “That’s why it was so important to take more improvement steps here,” says Eder. At the Weibern site, the exterior area of ​​the company’s headquarters was also completely redesigned. In addition, the vehicle fleet used by field staff has been converted to e-mobility. Eder has annual sales of about 60 million euros. About 250 employees work at sites in Peuerbach, Weibern, Kallham, Schärding, Aurolzmünster and Mining.

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