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Shell pays 15 million euros for oil damage in Nigeria

Shell pays 15 million euros for oil damage in Nigeria

British oil company Shell will pay 15 million euros to rural communities in Nigeria for damages caused by the 2004-2007 oil spill. The group and Dutch environmental protection organization Milieudefensie have agreed on a corresponding regulation, said a joint statement published on Friday. In addition, a system has been installed in the oil lines that detects leaks at an early stage.

The agreement is the result of a court ruling issued last year in The Hague. Shell stressed in its statement that the settlement “is not an admission of liability.” The environmental organization spoke of justice. “Businesses can no longer get away with polluting the environment and ignoring human rights. They can be held accountable,” said Director Donald Boles. Milieudefenise also quotes one of the plaintiffs, Eric Duoh: “Thanks to this compensation, we can remake our society.”

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