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'Bringing party and state': Sunak becomes British Prime Minister

‘Bringing party and state’: Sunak becomes British Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak becomes the leader of the Conservative Party and thus the new British Prime Minister.

The 42-year-old was a cabinet member and Treasury Secretary until the beginning of July. Sunak is said to be from King Charles III this Tuesday. To be received and appointed Prime Minister.

“The UK is a great country but there is no doubt that we are facing a huge economic challenge. We need stability and unity now. Bringing our party and our country together will be my priority,” said the 42-year-old. “I promise I will serve you with unity and humility, I will work day in and day out to bring results to the British people.”

Benny Mordaunt withdrew her application shortly before Sunak was elected party leader and promised Sunak her support.

Johnson did not support the request to return

Sunak will succeed Liz Truss, who resigned on Thursday after just six weeks in the job. The possibility of Boris Johnson’s return was also raised, and it was announced Sunday evening that he would not apply. Johnson was British Prime Minister until early September.

The opposition is calling for new elections. Labor leader Keir Starmer said the Conservative Party had shown it no longer had a mandate to govern.

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