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Solar Eclipse: These regions of Styria have the best view

Solar Eclipse: These regions of Styria have the best view

The sun, moon and earth will line up again on Tuesday. This means a partial solar eclipse, during which the sun is covered by 25%. asked where the best view would be in Styria.

Styria. Unlike a total solar eclipse, where everything darkens in the middle of the day, there is one partial eclipse Good view of the sky. Both the moon and the sun are roughly the same diameter relative to the human eye, making it appear as if the moon were eclipsed by the sun. The basic condition of the landscape is the moon, specifically the moon new Moon Although there is no solar eclipse on every new moon.

Around 11:15 am The moon begins with a partial solar eclipse 12.20 pm It is covered at 25 percent. the moon is leaving 1:20 pm Beyond that the full sun can then be seen again.

Eyes must be protected

It’s that time again on Tuesday, October 25th. 25 percent of solar eclipses will be visible in Austria. As exciting as this may be, it is especially important to protect your eyes. Regular sunglasses are not enough, they need their own sun protection filter. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking straight or want to follow the eclipse through your camera or telescope.

At worst, you can retinal burn, which is constantly annoyed by this. This burn to the fundus is not initially noticed and is also painless, but the resulting damage still remains. The solution E15 class filter films On the other hand, sunglasses with a high protection factor achieve a maximum of class 4.

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The partial solar eclipse will occur on Tuesday, October 25 at noon.

This area has the best “view”

If you are well protected, nothing stands in your way. Assuming weather cooperation. But where in Styria do you have the best “view”? we have in weather serviceCentral Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics, ZAMG for a short while, inquire. So only “half” of the federal state can look forward to pleasant weather for such a partial solar eclipse.

In detail this means:

  • South Styria: Unfortunately Deutschlandsberg, Leibniz and southeast Styria have to reckon with somewhat cloudy weather.
  • Surroundings of Graz and Graz: Clouds could break up again by noon, visibility is possible but not guaranteed according to the current situation.
  • He was lucky North StyriaFor Bruck, Mürztal and Murau, according to the current situation, the clouds will pass in time for you to enjoy the partial solar eclipse.

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