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British Court: Asylum seekers can be sent to Rwanda

The British government wants to fly illegal asylum seekers to Rwanda, where they then have to apply. The first flight is planned for Tuesday.

The British Court of Appeal (Court of Appeal) has authorized the first deportation flight of migrants from Great Britain to Rwanda that was scheduled to take place on Tuesday. As reported by the British News Agency, the court rejected an urgent request to stop the flight on Monday. The British government wants illegal asylum seekers, who often come from Iran, Iraq or Eritrea, Fly to Rwanda – They should then apply there.

The first flight is planned for Tuesday. According to the opposition and United nations.Refugee Agency UNHCR Thus, the British government, which concluded a similar treaty with the East African country, is in violation of international law.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has leveled sharp criticism for Britain’s planned deportation flights to Rwanda for asylum seekers. “This deal is completely wrong for many different reasons,” he said. Filippo Grandi Monday in Geneva. It sets a “disastrous precedent”.

Human rights activists went to court

Human rights activists tried to stop the trip in court. But you have already failed in the second stage. Meanwhile, proceedings are still ongoing in cases involving individual immigrants. The number of passengers scheduled for the first flight reportedly dwindled shortly. According to the BBC, only ten of the asylum seekers should be flown, while the objections of the others are said to have been successful. According to aid organizations, they included four Iranians, two Iraqis, two Albanians and one Syrian.

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The British government struck a deal with Rwanda to transport illegal immigrants to the East African country in exchange for payments. This is to deter people from trying to enter the UK illegally. The British Supreme Court, on Friday, approved the controversial project in an urgent decision. The plaintiffs’ organizations immediately appealed, and a decision was made on Monday.

Human rights and refugee organizations and the PCS union criticize the agreement as unethical, dangerous and counterproductive. According to a media report, the British Crown Prince, Prince Charles, denounced the project as “appalling”. According to observers, the human rights situation in the East African country is far from ideal.

Johnson defends the deal

Prime Minister Boris Johnson again defended the agreement on LBC radio on Monday. “It is very important that the criminal gangs endangering lives in the English Channel understand that their business model is being destroyed,” he said, referring to gangs of people smugglers.