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There is no end to wildfires in Greece and Spain

There is no end to wildfires in Greece and Spain

Another village on Lesvos was evacuated. There is great concern about Tenerife – and the heat continues.

Massive fires on the island of Lesbos and in Dadia National Park in northeastern Greece continued to rage unchecked on Sunday. On Lesbos, residents of the village of Frisa on the southern side of the island were asked to leave the village at noon. Several homes and cars have already fallen victim to the fire. The fire also continued in Spain, and a fire in Tenerife caused concern.

The smoke on the island of Lesvos was so strong that it could be seen from space. This was announced by the European Earth Observing System Copernicus on Twitter and posted a corresponding satellite image.

Fire in Dadia National Park

Meanwhile, in northeastern Greece, countless hectares of Dadia National Park have burned. The military and forest workers tried to cut the trails in the pine forests on Sunday, thus preventing the fires from spreading further. Extinguishing operations continued on the ground and in the air. Meanwhile, more than 320 firefighters were deployed along with 68 fire engines.

According to the fire department, 141 fires were recorded across Greece in 24 hours. According to the Civil Protection, all available helicopters and aircraft are currently being used to fight fires throughout the country. Among other things, a substation of the State Electricity Company near the city of Larissa in Thessaly caught fire. Also on the western edge of the capital Athens should be omitted again.

For Monday, the fire brigade continues to assess fire risks from high to very high. Meteorologists announced a rise in temperatures to 40 degrees and a drought in the coming days until the beginning of August.

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The series of wildfires in Spain never ends

Although the situation has eased in the past few days, the series Forest fires There is no end in Spain. Regional President Angel Victor Torres said, late on Saturday evening, on the Canary island of Tenerife, which is popular with tourists, that the flames have already destroyed more than 2,150 hectares. 585 residents of La Guancha and four other communities in the north of the island have been moved to safety. Many foreign hiking tourists have been warned of the flames in nearby Teide National Park.

The approximately 150 emergency services have recently made significant progress in fighting the fires, also thanks to the high humidity and weak winds. The announced temperature rise on Sunday and Monday to 38 degrees is worrying. “So we have to put out the fire as quickly as possible,” Torres said.

everybody Forest fires In Spain it has since been largely extinguished or brought under control – with the exception of a fire in Tenerife and two fires on Saturday in Yunquera, northeast of Madrid, and Olmeda del Rey, southeast of the capital, with a total of 235 emergency services on Sunday.

Combined with months-long drought and strong winds, the heat helped spread and spread many fires, according to the Aemet Weather Service. 2022 is already the most devastating for Spain forest fireA year since the start of the recordings. In the first seven months of the year, the fire destroyed about 200 thousand hectares.