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Britons from Brexit are angry at overpriced sweets

Britons from Brexit are angry at overpriced sweets

The worst dramas, such as the shortage of “Marmite” in New Zealand, which became known as “Marmaggedon,” have been avoided so far. But he was really upset for many when a Staffordshire ice cream merchant tapped into supply and demand. His clients had to pay five pounds for each “99” without warning. “I know about the lack of chips, but what the hell!” One tweet. Others were angry and spoke of “exploitation”. In the end, the ice cream seller promised not to melt his prices, but at least write them down.

Chocolate caterpillar turns into an elephant

Revenge is beautiful, on the other hand, supermarket chain Marks & Spencer may have thought about the spring and launched legal action against rival Aldi. The reason: “Aldis Cuthbert the Caterpillar,” a baby caterpillar-shaped cake, consists of biscuits and milk chocolate like the bestseller “Colin the Caterpillar,” and is cut from white chocolate like a smiling face. Aldi responded on Twitter with #FreeCuthbert and asked the contestant not to make an elephant out of a chocolate caterpillar and fundraise for good causes with their cupcake twins. But since inventing cakes is no picnic, Marks & Spencer emphasized that Aldi should make her own creations.

con man

Supermarket giant Sainsbury had to know that advertising doesn’t always fall on the buttery side of life. Because when a branch in Cornwall showed a man on a poster advertising scones with clotted cream and jam, it sparked criticism. (Almost) every Brit knows that in Cornwall they put jam first and then clotted cream on it. Diversity may make life sweet, but Sainsbury admitted after the boycott that the poster featured a “con man” and apologized for the “blasphemy”.

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