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Bronze and Silver – Fladnitztal music students passed the exam

Bronze and Silver – Fladnitztal music students passed the exam

Passed exams: horn teacher Marianna Peter, Anna Rockenbauer (youth speaker for the Fladnitztal youth brass band), guitar teacher Sonja Gotschlich, Verena Preshing (guitar), Anton Rohrhofer (horn), Lisa Ambichl (piano), Elisabeth Stellzhammer (flute), Milena Stockinger (flute.), head of the music school Tamara Ofenauer Haas, deputy mayor Peter Heisberger (in back), Emily Gibner (trumpet), Maja Zegler (clarinet), Valerie Wahler (clarinet), Franz Schuster (saxophone), Mia Weissmann ( flute) and Lisa Rohrover (flute); forward, each from the left).

Fladnitztal Music School

KIndians and young men competed in the themes of horn, flute, guitar, piano, clarinet and saxophone.

The annual exams for the music school took place a few days ago. Pupils competed in the subjects trumpet, flute, guitar, piano, clarinet and saxophone and demonstrated their technical expertise on the instrument in the internal part and their skills in the musical part of the test.

During the so-called party part of the test, the audience was also able to admire the skills of the children. Teachers Mariana Peter, Markus Zahrl, Tamara Ofnauer and Attila Kasai were proud of the music students’ achievements and happy with the impressive results. The two silver auditions on the flute were very special. Melina Stockinger and Elisabeth Stellzhammer, both already members of the Fladnitztal Youth Brass Band, masterfully mastered it.

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