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Great consensus: the district parliament met in Semmering

Great consensus: the district parliament met in Semmering

Politicians at the district council meeting discussed the master plan for walking, a new tram stop, and tree planting.

Vienna / boil. Simmeringer met for the second time this year County Parliament And discuss the future of the eleventh district. The hour-and-a-half session passed fairly quietly – with a lot of consensus.

A total of 43 suggestions and 24 inquiries were addressed, with the majority of suggestions coming from Greens and FPÖ.

New tram station

Among other things, the Walk the master plan within the agenda. It’s an improvement plan for pedestrians – the focus is on wider sidewalks, more benches and new zebra crossings. This basic concept is funded by the federal government. If this is not approved, the district will not receive any money.

FPÖ is skeptical “The walking master plan itself is a pure attack on drivers in the area,” said club president Horn. He also stressed that “we agree to the financing, but we cannot agree to the whole concept as it is.” The exact implementation of the plan will be discussed in more detail later. The motion was passed unanimously.

area around Gate alley It was still relatively uninhabited a few years ago. However, this has now changed. For this reason, SPÖ has submitted a request to inspect an additional tram stop for lines 11 and 71 on the “Gattergasse”. This request was also approved unanimously and sent to City Councilor Peter Hanke (SPÖ).

SPÖ application on the subject of an additional tram stop for lines 11 and 71 in "Gate alley" Unanimously approved.  |  Photo: Wr.  Linien / Helmer

Planting trees against the heat

Only the planting of trees in the area briefly warmed the spirits. The Green Party submitted a total of six tree planting requests. For example, more trees will be planted on Schneidergasse and Römersthalgasse. All motions aimed at commissioning the Environment Committee were rejected against the votes of the Greens, the Beer Party and NEOS.

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Should more trees be planted in Simmering?

This caused an uproar, especially among the Greens. “We deliberately applied for sites that are located in the densely populated urban area of ​​Innersimmering. That’s where the thermal centers have been shown to be located,” assures District Adviser Fritsch. A farmer’s county advisor from FPÖ, using Römersthalgasse as an example, points out that there is a garden a few meters away. The Greens chairwoman was visibly angry about this. “If I’m 37 degrees sweating in my apartment in the summer, there’s no point in having a garden somewhere. I need a tree in front of my window so my apartment can be cool.”

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