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Browse privately or go incognito online

Browse privately or go incognito online

Most people assume that they don't have to worry about their online privacy. They surf according to the motto: If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear and no security precautions to take.

But it's not that easy on the Internet. There are now many companies that are constantly searching Internet user data We are. They can make high profits from the data if they sell it to advertisers. Another group that targets private data, especially account or credit card data, is cyber criminals. Therefore, users should also take precautions when only visiting reputable online sites.

What data is generated when browsing?

Not every user enters his address and account details on all websites. However, there is still clear evidence of visits. This includes, among other things, your IP address. Anyone who surfs the Internet gets this. This allows the user to be clearly identified. In addition, every website now uses the so-called biscuit. These are small text files that record the browsing behavior of website visitors. Our cookie notices always state that they are used exclusively to improve the user experience for website visitors. Of course this is not the case. Cookies are used for evaluation. Using the data obtained, website operators design the site so that visitors stay longer. The rule of thumb is that the longer you stay, the more likely you are to complete your purchase. In addition, one plays Longer length of stay An important role for the ranking of the website in question.

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There are also tracking cookies. If a user looks at an offer on a website, they will find that exact product in a banner ad when they visit other websites. the The item that was viewed Users really follow. Providers assume that interested parties will eventually buy the product if they are informed about it repeatedly.

What data is interesting for criminals?

Cookies primarily collect data for advertisers. This can sometimes be annoying if users are frequently bothered by ads while browsing. But the attacks carried out by the criminals were more dramatic. It's mostly about them Personal access data. Email box access data is particularly vulnerable to theft. You can then carry out criminal transactions on the Darknet under unsuspecting usernames using the email address. Sometimes they need your email address and associated contact details to spread viruses or other malware.

In addition, some criminals target credit card details or online account access details. This means that they can then shop online at the expense of others or themselves money transfer. This can be really expensive sometimes. Any user who notices unusual activity on their account should have their account banned immediately. It is also advisable to inform the police.

Be safer online with Tor Browser

Any user who prefers to surf the Internet anonymously can get the so-called Tor Browser Install and browse through it. Tor stands for The Onion Router. The principle behind this is to forward data across many nodes. They are arranged one on top of the other like the individual layers of an onion. Hence the name. Onion routers. In German it roughly means onion distributor. Using such a browser, almost anonymous browsing is possible. because of Lots of turns However, speed drops significantly at numerous intersections. Therefore, Tor Browser is not particularly suitable for users who do not have a high-performance Internet connection.

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Set up a VPN

A VPN is more secure and convenient. The abbreviation stands for Virtual Private Network. Translated into German it means Virtual Protected Network. Anyone is VPN with location in Austria You no longer need to worry about cyber attacks. A VPN also forwards data sent to the Internet to multiple servers. These are robust and exchange IP address with every redirection. Therefore, it is no longer possible to assign data to a specific user.

Another advantage is that the VPN provides data with 256-bit encryption algorithm. If a hacker tries to intercept the data, they won't be able to use it. Without the right key, decryption can take decades. This strong encryption is also useful when browsing Free wifi It is used. Such a network is already available in many places. Since any user can use it without any access data, it is completely unprotected. Criminals know this. That's why they prefer to use free Wi-Fi hotspots to easily access and misuse other users' data. A freely accessible WLAN should never be used without a VPN.

More ways to protect privacy

Most computers, or rather web browsers, also provide some built-in tools to protect privacy. For example, some web browsers generally allow you to refuse all cookies. However, this method has the disadvantage that not all websites can be viewed. Some browsers also have a view all option Traces upon exit To delete automatically. Then not only cookies are deleted, but also temporary data and records. This option provides a high level of security.

If this option is available, make sure it is enabled. Data caching is a relic of the days when people browsed the Internet using a modem. When you access the website again, most of the data is loaded from the cache. This made it last longer Download the site Not long. Nowadays, there are usually much faster connections, so the charging process is done in a fraction of a second anyway. Therefore, the temporary data in the cache is unnecessary and only represents a security risk.

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Personal data is now a valuable commodity. That's why many companies want to collect them. This makes it easier to understand the browsing behavior of individual users so that it can be used for it Personal ads to use. But many criminals also seek other users' data. They use this to hide their identity. However, online purchases are sometimes made at other people's expense. In the worst cases, they even empty the bank account. This is why everyone who uses the Internet must protect themselves. By using Tor Browser or VPN, privacy and security can be protected very well.