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Promoting cooperation – Westfield Shopping City Süd is based on social partnership

Promoting cooperation – Westfield Shopping City Süd is based on social partnership

Center Manager Zsolt Juhasz, AK District Office Manager Susanna Stangel, Melanie Jurczyk (Westfield Shopping City South) and Martin Brasser (GPA).

Dragan Doc

DrWestfield Shopping City Süd has launched a pioneering partnership with the Chamber of Labor of Lower Austria (AKNÖ) and the Private Sector Employees' Union (GPA), which allows regular exchanges with the center's management.

As part of the cooperation, in addition to the consulting services offered by AK Lower Austria, an information stand from AK and GPA (first floor) will be available at the Westfield Shopping City Süd service center on the first Tuesday of every month. Experts from both organizations provide on-site information on employee-related topics such as taxes, fees, subsidies, the content of collective agreements and everything related to the employment contract.

Both organizations are also represented on the Centre's internal employee information app 'URW Connect'. This means that Westfield Shopping City Süd's approximately 5,000 employees not only have an up-to-date overview of events, but are also always informed about monthly information kiosks and current topics.

The collaboration also includes healthcare offerings. For example, center staff have the opportunity to be examined in the AK sanitary truck. On Health Day, clients and employees can get advice on “exercise, nutrition and stress” at stands run by the Occupational Health Center (AMZ), and experts from the AK NÖ District Office offer advice on labor and social law issues.

Next information platform date: February 6.

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