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Brucklyn Bigband – Full big band sound with echoes of brook rock

Brucklyn Bigband – Full big band sound with echoes of brook rock

The Brucklyn Big Band with the voices of Peter Windholz and Susan Hill bring swing classics to the Brock City stage.


DrThe Bruck Big Band delighted their audiences on two evenings with swing classics and some rock remixes.

Concerts by the Brucklyn Big Band are always eagerly awaited by fans. It was no coincidence that two concert dates sold out quickly this time around as well. In front of a crowded city stage, the members of the big band surrounding Christian Sotrich once again took a successful trip back in time to the era of swing. The musicians began with Tom Dorsey's “Jumping at the Woodside.” Since this was a hotel, this gave Sutreich the opportunity to thank Hans Eder. He stressed: “What would we do without a hotel?” After all, the big band had been using Pension Eder as a practice room for a long time.

In addition to big band classics, jazz orchestras also borrowed large amounts of rock music for concerts. “Mayor Gerhard Weil gave us an education mandate,” Sutrich initially joked. Because the city president has a special penchant for rock music.

This was present at the concerts in more than just homeopathic doses, although he was well disguised in a swinging outfit. The basis for this was Paul Anka's album “Rock Swings”, from which the big band played Van Halen's “Eye of the Tiger” or “Jump”, sung by Peter Windholz, and Nat King Cole's “Love”, sung by Susan Hill. He gave the best.