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Group exhibition – Haus der Kunst in Baden attracts visitors with its legendary underwater world

Group exhibition – Haus der Kunst in Baden attracts visitors with its legendary underwater world

The symbiosis and creative collaboration between ten first-class artists from all over Austria can currently be seen at Haus der Kunst. The opening was another milestone in the Baden art scene. Multi-talented artist Rosa Rodelius has curated this unique group exhibition in collaboration with gallery owner Christopher Lane, both of whom also serve as curators.

Everything revolves around a narrative thread expressed through art: the sea and its creatures, which have always fascinated Rodelius and which she brings to canvas and presents in the form of sculptures. From the theme of the endless sea, the cosmic waters, with all their colorful aspects and species-rich underwater creatures, a host of additional narrative threads are woven into the works of ten artists.

Floating in the sea of ​​art

We do not want to create a juxtaposition between artists and their works, but rather a creative intertwining, but rather a fusion in the narrative sense. “Photographing my cosmic underwater worlds is about elemental buoyancy, floating in space, oscillation within oneself and with the environment, transcendent weightlessness, so to speak,” says Rodelius. In this environment, from the depths of the primordial sea, so to speak, artists can emerge and inspire new narratives that every viewer can understand.

From the sea to the wolf knot to Ondine

Corresponding works by artists can be seen around Roedelius Marine Worlds. They just continue these narrative themes. They were thrown together, not agreed upon, but in an amalgamated whole, as if they had just emerged from the works of Rodelius or had been created in parallel by agreement.

Gallery owner Chris Lane and artist Rosa Rodelius

Nadia Trostle

You can see and experience extraordinary sculptures, a wolf knot, a centaur and a magical dragon horse by Judith Wagner. Hildegard Squash's impressive objects such as the “Eye Head” appear as if made from a single mold in front of and with Rodelius's works. Among other things, Regina Hadraba brought nine unique books to the world in front of Rosa's images.

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The bright yellow, human-sized horse sculptures in Elisabeth von Samsonoff's “Tutu” are an artistic “eye-catcher” in the sunny rooms of the Haus der Kunst. A very special virtual feature: the 3D animation of Kurpark's Undine Fountain, accessible via QR code on all tech devices and floating upside down from the ceiling of the Haus der Kunst at eye level.

Works by Anders Klembacher, Monika Kos Piko, Christopher Lehn, Inna Loetzel, Franziska Maderthanner, Richard Meissner, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Judith Wagner, Regina Hadrappa, and Hildegard Squash can be seen at the Haus der Kunst until June 16, and are also available here.