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Bundesliga clubs decide their new standings - Sky Sport Austria

Bundesliga clubs decide their new standings – Sky Sport Austria

At today’s joint German Bundesliga club conference and the subsequent extraordinary general meeting, the following decisions were made.

Table arrangement

Last summer, the Austrian Football Association spoke in the Austrian Football Association in favor of changing the table standings in order to give preference to head-to-head duels over goal difference in the standings if there was a tie. This new regulation was set by the Austrian Football Association Presidium on 30 April 2021 for all football leagues.

Today, the Bundesliga has accordingly decided that in the event of a tie in the Final Round, all matches between the clubs concerned will be ranked against each other during the entire tournament (including regular round matches) equally.

Starting next season, the new ranking will be:

  1. Rounding points after half
  2. direct duel
  3. Higher goal difference
  4. More goals scored
  5. More wins
  6. More times the guest wins

Maintain 5 player changes in each game

The rule introduced by the pandemic that each team can make 5 player changes per game for the upcoming season has been confirmed. This possibility arises from the corresponding decisions of the IFAB football referees and the Austrian Football Association Presidium.

Trainer qualifications

The ÖFB rules regarding the qualifications of coaches to be applied from next season have been incorporated into the German Bundesliga’s licensing and admission regulations. The most significant innovation is that coaches with a UEFA A license (instead of a UEFA Pro license or a UEFA ALT license) can now serve as head coaches at a second-tier club.

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