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Basketball – The Trikirchen Lions score in the top American college league

Basketball – The Trikirchen Lions score in the top American college league

After Dave Claire and Edgars Lasenbergs, Lions Trieskirchen presents the third member of the Legion for the next season. This is the young American striker DeMarcus Demonia. The 20-year-old comes straight from American College. Demonia played last season for the Texas A&M Commerce Lions in the NCAA I, the highest college league in the United States. The 2.01m American boy is very athletic and versatile, but coach Radomir Mijanovic believes he has great development potential, not least because of his physical condition: “Demonya is a versatile, dynamic player who can be used in at least two positions. He is able to create advantages in one-on-one situations.” Both offensively and defensively, I’m sure he’ll be able to make a huge contribution to our game.”

Average of 15 points in an American college

After high school in Springdale, Demonia transferred to Texas A&M two years ago, where he completed his first season in NCAA Division II and then promoted his team to Division I. Last season, he averaged 15.2 points and 5.4 rebounds. The newcomer is a trained little striker, but he can also play as a powerful striker. In college, he drew attention to himself with his amazing college dunk.

Lions managing director Paul Handler knows how versatile Demonia is and is looking forward to next season: “In Demarcus Demonia we found a very exciting player. He will give us the necessary depth in third and fourth places, his athleticism is rare in Austria, so our fans can be happy too.