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Bundesliga: Hartberg must hand over to his coach

Bundesliga: Hartberg must hand over to his coach

In Hartburg, landlords are under more pressure. “It is quite normal that there are people who are unhappy with me and the team after the streak we have been in. But those who make the decisions put in the effort and try to find solutions. I feel the confidence of these people,” said coach Schmidt. In order to improve his chances of survival in the spring “Win will be sorely needed,” Styria assured before the match.

After a thrilling performance in the 0-1 draw in Salzburg, a “positive” week of training also led to optimism. “That’s when I realized that the team believed in itself and that we believed in each other,” Schmidt says. On match day it is important to have a good mental start and put everything into it. Everything negative should be “hidden”. This includes the first leg in Lustenau, where they lost 4-1 after taking a 1-0 lead. “We know who offended us at the time,” Schmidt said.

Hartberger unit vs climbers

Brian Teixeira, one of the league’s top scorers, scored to make it 1-1 (41), then Anderson (44), Lucas Fredericas (67) and Michael Chikua (91) within Lustenau’s victory. “We have to be prepared for the sudden Hartburgers. It is a very important match for them because of course they want to beat the newly promoted team,” Lustenau coach Marcus Mader said.

“We really want to collect points before the winter break begins. If we play with the same passion that we played against Rapid and can count on our individual competence, then anything is possible. It will be crucial again to take advantage of the few opportunities that arise,” Mader said.

His team shared points against Reed (0:0) and Rapid (3:3) and has the advantage of not being able to slide down the table. Against Hartberg, where special matches await Dario Tadic (250th appearance) and Jürgen Hill (100th place), the fact that the club have only been able to win one of their 13 games against the emerging teams in the league speaks for itself.

He drove “in a very positive mood” against Klagenfurt

A week after the last-minute defeat to WSG Tirol, Austria’s Klagenfurt is looking for compensation with late player Reed. But the Rieders, spurred on by the good results of the past few weeks, are also looking for something they can count on. “Our target is three points and I’m in a very positive mood,” said striker Stephan Knotts.

After three unbeaten matches with victories over Rapid and Dodak, Reed recently lost 1:2 at Storm Grass. Coach Christian Heinley, already under pressure after a poor start to the season, was convinced that the team did well, especially in the second half, and above all gained self-confidence. “This performance makes me feel positive for the next few weeks,” said the 37-year-old, who “wants to feel good in the winter break.”

“It will be a very important match for us against Klagenfurt,” confirmed Heinel, whose team is currently two points ahead of Hartberg in 11th place. “We’ve played a lot of away games now, so it’s very important that we take something home with us with our fans behind us.” “Klagenfurt are the favorites in this game. They are ahead of us in the table and have a very good season. But we know we are not far behind when it comes to quality.”

Klagenfurt is still hoping to win before the break

After 2:3 against WSG, the Carinthians advanced from fourth to fifth, but are two points ahead of seventh. The win over Reed is yet to come, after all chances to end the fall against Salzburg are rather modest. “The encounters with Reed have been very close recently, and I think the very little things this time around will make the difference,” said sports director Matthias Imhof. In the four duels (including the Cup) since the re-emergence, there have been two draws so far with a 1:0 ratio. Jonas Arweiler confirmed this towards the end of (73) in August.