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Bundestag elections - CDU announces exploratory talks with Greens

Bundestag elections – CDU announces exploratory talks with Greens

CDU and CSU want to have an exploratory discussion with the Greens on Tuesday morning. The Christian Democratic Union’s general secretary, Paul Zimyak, announced Thursday in Berlin. There should be a conversation between the Federation and the FDP on Sunday evening at 6.30pm.

For their part, the Greens want to finish the upcoming exploratory talks as quickly as possible. Parliamentary group leader Catherine Goering-Eckhardt said Thursday after the founding meeting of the parliamentary group in Berlin that all involved wanted “this not to go on forever”. “We want explorations as quickly as possible to see what can be done. And then we have to negotiate in depth.”

On Friday, the Greens are talking with the Free Democratic Party and on Sunday with the Social Democrats about the possibility of starting coalition negotiations. Göring-Eckardt called on CDU and CSU to sort themselves out first. “When they know who can talk to whom, it will happen,” she said. “It is not our duty to take care of the balance of power in the Union,” added their co-chair, Anton Hofriter.

Conversations on the Jamaica Alliance

The German Christian Democrats want to go with a team of ten on explorations with the Greens and the Free Democratic Party about a possible Jamaica alliance. In addition to CDU President Armin Laschet, General Secretary Zimiak, and Union Parliamentary Group Leader Ralph Brinkhaus, the group should include the five deputies of the party leaders Julia Klöckner, Sylvia Brehr, Volker Bouvier, Jens Spahn and Thomas Strobel. According to information from the German news agency, the CDU Presidium decided on Thursday at a switch conference. In addition, there will be Prime Ministers Daniel Günther and Rainer Hasseloff.

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Günther leads Jamaica’s alliance with the Greens and the FDP in Schleswig-Holstein. Haselow has just formed a coalition with the SPD and the SPD in Saxony-Anhalt. (Abba)