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North Korea announces 'new' anti-aircraft missile test

North Korea announces ‘new’ anti-aircraft missile test

Western countries criticize North Korea’s weapons tests

North Korea claims to have tested a “newly developed” anti-aircraft missile. The official Korean Central News Agency reported on Friday that the “remarkable combat characteristics” of the missile were examined during the test. The floor contains ‘key new technologies’. The test is the latest in a series of North Korean weapons tests.

It appears that North Korean head of state Kim Jong-un did not attend this test, and was instead supervised by Park Jong-chun. He is a member of the powerful Politburo and Central Committee of the ruling Workers’ Party.

On Tuesday, Pyongyang reported the successful test of a hypersonic missile. If the North Korean information was correct, the internationally isolated country would have reached another stage in updating its arsenal. High-speed missiles are very flexible and fast, which makes their destruction by missile defense systems very difficult.

Several Western countries strongly condemned the test of a hypersonic missile. North Korea, largely isolated internationally, is under severe US and UN sanctions over its nuclear and missile programme. The UN Security Council plans to hold an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss the situation.

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