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Burning Witches - Deer "Witch of the North" Battle review

Burning Witches – Deer “Witch of the North” Battle review

It doesn’t always have to be a gang! As we all know, countless releases appear week after week – often by a respectable number of famous artists. With such a large group of potential sleepers, it isn’t always easy to choose the right filter for the next scene. We were pleased to give Cremation Squares a second round in our common interrogation format, but even in our busy anthill it happens every now and then that the “circle of five” (or more …) isn’t a complete round-up it gets.

But a sponge on top! Instead of completely ignoring the opportunity, we prefer to profitably use the opportunity to introduce you to a new format – the format Review-Battle!

The review fight can be compared to “Gangbang Lite Duet (or maybe a better duel?)” – instead of five or more, only two enter the ring and give, in this case, mustard visibly. From two separate reviews of the method chosen for the better. but that is not all! At the final end of this special presentation, we present to you a “Dispute” in which the participating editors argue over their reviews.

group? There is no! Who wins? On the day of the battle’s release, readers identified it in a poll activated specifically for this on our Facebook page. Aside from that, there are neither winners nor losers in the Review Battle category – but a lot of fun and excitement, but also a different point of view (hopefully) everyone finds themselves in it.

The BURNING WITCHES starts with their current director, “The Witch Of The North”. Let’s go friends – on your scores, prepare, go!

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* Gong loops *

Song List “Witch of the North”:

1. Winter’s fury
2. The Witch of the North
3. Polluted rituals
4. We stand as one
5. Valkyries flight
6. The five circle
7. Lady of the Jungle
8. Bondage
9. An omen
10. Nine worlds
11. For immortality
12. Dream of a Dragon
13. Eternal frost
14. Hall Of The Mountain King (SAVATAGE)

Table of contents:

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Positive review from Lord Seriousface
Page 3: Critical review by Ernst Lustig
Page 4: Battle Abbey review